5 Ways to Make Your First Date Memorable

Published: 08th January 2007
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First dates are all about getting to know someone but, as we all know, they are also famous for butterflies. Will everything go well? Will we have fun? These are questions everyone would love to have the answer to, so take a moment and consider a few ways to help make your first meeting one to remember (in a good way).

Be creative. When planning your first date with someone new, choose something that will leave a lasting impression. If your date loves music, instead of going to a concert consider going on a date in the park with a picnic basket, some CDs and a portable player (with speakers). If your date is a film fanatic, avoid a crowded theater and opt for a projector and find the perfect place to host your own private showing of a comedy movie thats sure to bring a smile to your dates face. By being creative, you will show your date that you have put some thought into the evening.

Dress casual. Never go someplace fancy on a first date, neither one of you will have a proper chance to get comfortable with each other. Make sure what you've got planned is casual and set in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to getting to know each other. A comfortable environment will always reveal more about the person you are with than one thats stuffy and formal.

Talk to your Date. A first date should be a time that you spend getting to know the person that you are with. Will there be a second date? Are there any sparks to make another date worthwhile? The only way to know for sure is to learn about the person and whether he/she is someone that you would enjoy spending time with again. Ask questions and find out what your date is all about.

Have fun. This rule not only applies for a first date, but is also the goal for all that follow and is the ultimate necessity to make your time spent together more memorable. Don't be afraid to show your sense of humor or take in a movie that is sure to keep the two of you laughing. A couple who laughs together stays together, which means a second date may be in your future.

The kiss. No matter what your age, the stress of concluding the evening is always present. The trick to a memorable first date is to leave some mystery, which your potential mate will want to solve with another date. A sweet kiss on the cheek will show that you had a nice time, but will not seem overly pushy. In addition, it will leave your date with anticipation for a future meeting.

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